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Assisting Owners to Access Long Term Capital for their Business


Capital Access Strategies, a division of Martin H. Imm & Associates, Inc., assists business owners of middle market companies to affirmatively answer the question:

Will the value of the business really turn into tangible, well diversified personal wealth, wealth that will serve the personal needs of the owner, the owner’s family, and the needs of the family’s philanthropic interests?

To do this, Capital Access Strategies assists business owners of middle market companies to access outside capital in the form of long term senior or subordinated ("mezzanine") debt or private equity.  Such capital might be used to optimize growth in value of the enterprise, remove personal capital from the business through a recapitalization, or fund a buyout by management and/or family members.

Capital Access Strategies  will assist with corporate financial planning that will deal with such questions as "If we had unlimited capital and our growth was only limited by our human resources and markets, how fast could we grow?", or "How can we maximize company values for the long term with an injection of capital?"  Answers to these and other important questions are facilitated by sophisticated financial modeling of business plans based on realistic assumptions related to actual history. 

Often the goal of an owner is to remain in their top management role but wish to make a withdrawal of owners capital to assure the continuation of their own life style, fund family trusts, or provide significant capital for their philanthropic interests, 

Once Capital Access Strategies has come to understand the real goals of the ownerand and determined capital needs and an optimal financial structure, appropriate presentation material is prepared with the assistance of Capital Access Strategies followed by it using its broad knowledge and acquaintenceship with institutional capital providers for introductions to appropriate institutional capital providers and assistance with the completion of desired transaction by Capital Access Strategies.  

Often the owners' best interests are met by a sale of the business to an entity led by its key managers.  Capital Access Strategies can assist owners and manager appraise such a course of action and, if this course is followed, assist the key managers in planning and executing such a transaction.  In a well structured management buyout transaction the present owners will obtain the true value of the business as well as the key managers realizing a great opportunity.  In such a well structured transaction, management members can expect to obtain a larger share of wonership than would be obtained soley on the amount of capital they would bring to the transaction.  The key managers greatest contribution is their knowledge of the business and their ability to guide its future success.  



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Capital Access Strategies is a division of Martin H. Imm & Associates, Inc.