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Martin Imm's Recent Activities

Contribution to Exit Planning Exchange (XPX) Website

We all have to provide a lot of education for the typical private business owner to understand the complexity of the Business Exit/Personal Transition process.  as the process is not well understood by most business owners.  The following Power Point Slides can help to explain the process to a potential client.  It will also help the business owner understand the importance of having the right team of advisors to assist in the process.  (Click here for the Link)

1.       "Exit Planning & Execution Process - Issues to Learn About to Get the Result You Seek", and

2.       "Advisors you will need for Exit Planning and Execution Tasks - Let uus help you through all the choices to get the result you seek"

Each page follows the same scheme:  Moving from left to right relates to the probable time sequence of steps to be taken.  Moving from the bottom to the top moves from business related to more personal issues and activities. 

Page 1 graphically presents a sampling of Issues to Learn about the Exit process.  Page 2 is in the same format describing the advisors who can help with each of the Issues shown on page 1.  Describing the exit planning process to a client who’s situation is known can be done by connecting some of the bubbles with a pen, thus showing the complexity as well as the probable sequence of the process. 

The Family Business Association

This event featured Martin Imm and Ed Tarlow of Tarlow, Breed, Hart & Rogers, PC, in their Nov. 16, 2011 "Wednesday Webinars" program with a program titled "Challenges Facing the Private Family Business Owner", focusing on the many hats worn by the typical private business owner. The slides contain Martin's ideas related to several important challenges faced by Private Business owners. It also suggests some of the solutions available to business owners and the managers of their business. Hopefully, by clarifying the nature of these challenges through our examples, Private Business owners will find solutions and help with these challenges. View the slides used in that Webinar here.

XPX-Boston Meeting 

At a 24-February-2010 Members Only meeting of the Boston chapter of Exit Planning Exchange, Martin Imm of Capital Access Strategies described a Power Point slide which graphically described the breadth of resources needed for a business owner to successfully and happily exit his/her ownership position in a business.  It can be useful to describe services offered to clients through the XPX relationship.

Here is a link to view or download this exhibit as a .pdf file.     XPX Advisor Graphic

XPX - Boston Breakfast Meeting

Martin recently led a panel discussion to a sold out audience at the 29-Sep-09 breakfast meeting of XPX Boston

Exit Planning Exchange Group

Capital Access Strategies answered a recent query by a fellow participant in the Exit Planning Exchange group:

Is there a good exit planning software package out there that you'd recommend for consultant's use?

What makes exit planning software good is the real question. At Capital Access Strategies we have a package we use, and consider it to be very good because we tailor it for the particular business structure and planning horizon for the owner’s anticipated exit and/or removal of capital from the business.

In a recent application of our planning software we responded to a business owner who was in the middle of executing a growth strategy by expanding market depth and territory. He wanted to study what the results could be for a two step exit, taking some money off the table in one and a half years, followed by a final exit five years later. Based on his projections, which we studied carefully to make sure they appeared reasonable, we were able to show him what terms he could expect for the first transaction to remove the $5 million he sought to fund his estate planning instruments. We also showed him what the total enterprise values would be for the later exit and how he could expect another $10 from his exit. The software also allowed the owner to see the implications of variations in the timing and extent of expansion plans, both with respect to exit values and cash needs to accomplish the expansion. In this owner's case he saw the need for additional capital to execute his plan and this was added to the amount to be raised in the first transaction for his capital withdrawal and built into the assumptions for the final exit transaction.

The software produces analysis and financial models generally used by financial investors. While there are occasions when a strategic buyer may ascribe greater values to the business because of potential synergies, the basic financial value is always a starting point in the negotiations.

Our experience in Europe, both during the time Martin Imm established a London based investment organization in Europe for Prudential Insurance Company of America and for numerous assignments in Europe after leaving Prudential, gives us the ability to present financial analysis in both US and European accounting formats.

Any business owner contemplating an exit should have the benefit of seeing how a buyer will value his/her business and be able to do simulations of variations of the business plans to understand the sensitivities to various assumptions and levels of risk.

Capital Access Strategies will be happy to help any consultant or professional involved in an exit planning and execution role by providing financial perspective and assistance to the client’s exit process.


"Business Exit and Personal Transition Planning is not a DIY Project"

 Here is how a team of advisors you select can contribute to the process of a business owner who wants to fully or partially exit his/her business.  Refer to for more information


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